*** ADMIN: Yahoo.com, AOL.com, AIM.com, and CS.com email addresses _NOT_ allowed to post
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David Gibbs
2014-10-16 14:22:19 UTC
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Just a reminder ... if you are using an email address from any of the following providers, you will not be allowed to post to midrange.com lists due to the provider's DMARC policies.

Yahoo.com, AOL.com, AIM.com, and CS.com (and any similar domains in other TLD's).

These providers DMARC policies specify that mail with a 'From' header with an address in those domains should be rejected unless the message is signed and comes from the providers specified servers.

Since midrange.com's mailing list software does resend the message without altering the from header, the DMARC policy will cause the message to bounce when sent to other subscribers email accounts. These bounces are interpreted by the software as a hard failure and, if too many bounces are encountered, will disable subscriptions.

If you wish to post to the list, I suggest you sign up for, and subscribe with, a gmail or hotmail account.

If you have any questions, please contact me at support-***@public.gmane.org

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